Celebrity Leg Insurance

Betty Grable was the first famous actress, singer to insure her legs for a million.

Other women celebrities followed:

  • Jamie Lee Curtis, an actress, insured her gams for a million, while doing an ad for stockings
  • Angie Dickinson, an actress, for a million
  • Mary Hart, a host from Entertainment Tonight, for a million
  • Angie Everhart, a model and an actress
  • Porshce Lynn, a porn star
  • Brooke Shields, an actress
  • Tina Turner, a singer
  • At the Clothes Show Live, the catwalk models refused to wear the trendy six inch heels without insuring their legs for 50,000 pounds.

Men celebrities also insured their legs, to wit:
  • David Beckham, a famous English soccer player for an astounding $70 million
  • Michael Flatley, a step dancer, for $40 million
  • Fred Astaire, a dancer, singer and actor, for $75,000 per leg


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