This is what I call reader involvement. Look at how interactive FHM readers can be. Check out their daring pictures sent to and published by FHM. Well, they've got something to show. At least with FHM, frustrated wanna be model and covergirl readers are given the chance to realize their wild fantasies.
This girl certainly knows her asset! Just guess her bra size.

This lady has a cute girl cartoon picture in her undies.
The upper and the undies dont match though..

Not sexy..I don't know what this lady is thinking..
Is she trying to emphasize her legs or her toes?

Close up Camel Toe Effect. What a pose! Daring lady!

Not so sexy I think.
If it were not for the black undies, the fat in her stomach will be more obvious.

The sideview pose!

Bootylicious! Some tatoo going on her lower back.
Is that a bird, an eagle perhaps?


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