Sexy Celebrities Butts

Naomi Campbell

Kirsten Dunst

Kate Hudson

Jessica Alba

Eva Mendez

Uma Thurman

Jennifer Lopez


Salma Hayek

Disclaimer: The photos of celebrities in their daring butt exposure were taken from online sources and did not come directly from the author.


  1. cedrick said...
    lots of butts here..
    hotpapa said...
    do you have the pictures of lindsay lohan and nicole richie?
    Spence said...
    beyonce has the most exposed butt.. gorgeous!
    jake said...
    wala bang filipina celebrities? maglagay ka naman ng mag filipina celebrity pictures.
    admin said...
    hi hotpapa
    lindsay lohan and nicole richie pictures will be available in a few days..

    Filipina celeb pictures will be posted too in response to your request jake..
    flirty said...
    i like Salma Hayek's butt...

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