Bianca Gonzales is the famous celebrity, tv host, and a daughter of a prominent Gonzales Family in the Philippines. She is known for her morena beauty and wits. She got caught up in a controversial break up with her director boyfriend Lino Cayetano months ago.

Some video sex scandal involving Bianca Gonzales was also reported. Upon scrutiny however, the woman in the sex scandal was not Bianca Gonzales. The sex scandal was yet another scheme some people use to stain other people's reputation and or benefit monetarily speaking by the sale of those sex video scandals involving high profile celebrities.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    so what's the scandal about these photos?they are all but natural since they just feature the beauty of bianca gonzales with her morena look and sexy figure.
    bianca is a good girl for me.if she ever has a scandal,she would keep it to herself.she won't destroy the image she hardly built up with just some nasty videos.she is a youth oriented person who is worthy to emulate for by young adults.she can't destroy it together with the hopes of these youths looking up to her.

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