If you are an avid reader of this blog you probably noticed more than 3 days wherein this blog was nowhere to be found. Yes that's 3 or more days of "404 Page not Found". I panicked when that happened. This blog may just be a simple blog about celebrities but I love this blog and all my blogs get the best attention and care. Besides this is a PR-4 blog with some PR5 pages.

So what really happened?

Blogger deleted this blog along with my other blogs in my account. The reason? Not so clear! There was no warning if this blog violated the Terms of Service of Blogger. It just disappeared. I was at lost not knowing where to go and ask for help. But luckily I joined and participated in the google groups discussion. SwtRose, also a blogger was so kind to help me out and pointed my discussion to Gatsby a Blogger Employee, who in turn restored some of my blogs. Yes some, including this and some blogs are still missing. But glad to have some blogs back than seeing all of them disappear altogether. I owe my gratitude to SwtRose and of course Gatsby for helping me out! (Mr. Gatsby please reconsider my other "Sexy Filipina Celebrity Blog", and my two other template blogs.)

One of my blog was also detected as spam by Blogger Robots and it was locked. I asked for it to be reviewed which blogger did in a few days and it was back again as it was not a spam blog.

Now that this blog is up and running I will make up for the lost days of no visits and no posts. I hope I will get my visitors back once again. I hope they won't think that I have deleted and abandoned this blog. So please continue to stick around.


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