Since I've been always hunting for the latest celebrity gossip, celebrity photos, I asked myself if celebrities also play slots online ? I've been trying to find pictures of celebrities inside a casino playing slots. If I see one and post it here would you people judge that celebrity as a gambler?

Well, anyway, talking of online slots, which is the most played game in online casino, I just know where to find the best game sites to play this super fun game. Online slots is the easiest game to play. You don't need special skills to play and win this game. It's super easy, even children can play this game but of course no betting when kids are involved. Children if they will play must play just for fun.

So anyway, basically, what you need to play this game are four things, one is a good online slot site, second is good luck, third a good beer and lastly some popcorn. For a list of Best US Online Slots offering the highest sign up bonuses click here. That's a huge list of the best sites for your online slot gaming needs. Included in the list is the editor ratings and the user ratings.


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