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It's not unknown to the avid readers of this blog that I almost lost this blog along with my other blogs when Blogger deleted them as they were suspected to be spams as detected by the Blogger spiders, and others where likewise deleted because of malware. It was such a blessing that I finally got all of my blogs. The other two just appeared in my dashboard with no TOS violations just today. The question of domain registration for all my blogs has been a major issue I've been trying to decide upon. If I get my own domain, I own my blogs and no third party will delete them but me alone. But if I do register my own domain it will cost me much considering the number of blogs I have. There's a company about domain registration. It's Pay Less Domains Au, which offers a .com and . net registration for only $11.95 a year. What I like about it aside from the domain being affordable is what goes with it, to wit: 24/7 customer support, the free email hosting (which I badly needed), free URL forwarding, and domain parking among others. Pay Less Domains also has special discounts when you have lots of domains to register so that will definitely help me out. All I need to do for now is gather my resources and prepare to push through with my plan. If you are like me who wants to register a domain or need domain transfers, do check Pay Less Domains.


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