When I first learned of this free poker education program I was amazed. It’s absolutely free. It’s offered by Poker Strategy, the world’s biggest poker school. I know this is a little bit off topic, but a little diversion doesn’t hurt. It just adds that zest of variety to this blog. So anyway, what’s this free poker school all about? How can you benefit from this? If you are an online poker game enthusiasts you are lucky to come across this free education about poker. You will be given a $50 start up capital and $100 bonus to start or pursue your poker career. There’s no need to release few hundreds from your own pocket. You will be provided with the needed amount.

So you ask, there must be some hidden fees somewhere? No, there is none. You won’t even be asked your credit card number as what other free offers would normally do. Just take a look at the screenshot of the registration page.

As you can see your credit card details nor bank details are not required. It’s a free online poker education program with complete learning materials. You can browse through the download section and download the training materials and other useful software related to enhancing your poker game skills all for free. You also have access to all strategy articles in the site. Again it’s a free program. So if you like playing free games or you are a poker game fanatic you should visit this site. All you need to do is to just register and grab this rare opportunity.


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