I'm Convinced!

When I first started this blog all I was thinking about was just to purely blog. I feel so happy seeing my visitors increase from 10 to over 10,000 visitors everyday. The traffic is fluctuating now. While I don't get as many visitors as before after the PR slap I am confident I can increase the visitors of this blog.

Since this is a rather sexy blog there are no adsense ads in them. The strict policies of Adsense prohibits this blog from displaying their ads. But anyway, I am convinced now to try to get paid for blogging. The flow of visitors to this blog is rewarding and of course additional cash from this blog is very much rewarding as well. Many bloggers have talked about Smorty and I am convinced to try their program in this blog. I also need to blog for fun and blog for money. Smorty is a good program to start with. Members are given tasks that they need to complete in order to be paid. Advertisers go to smorty and smorty distributes the tasks of promoting the advertisers' products or websites to all member bloggers. The corresponding pay per task is already a clean cut for bloggers. If a task pays $15, bloggers get $15. Most importantly, Smorty pays on a weekly basis through paypal, with no minimum. So even if you get only $6 for that week, you will be paid, in contrast to other programs which require minimum payouts as high as $100 and on a monthy payout basis. I'm convinced of Smorty's program and it's really a rewarding program for both small time and big time bloggers.


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