Just want to tell every reader of this blog that I will be graduating this 1st and 2nd day of April 2008. The long 5 years of studies is finally over and will come to a final culmination. I'd be graduating with honors something i did not expect but I feel so blessed and so grateful. God is really good all the time!

that' s just it guys.. There's not much to tell for now as I have to end this post cause the hunger I'm feeling right now is too strong to ignore.. It's almost 1 pm and I havent eaten my lunch. I have to eat guys.. More sexy updates in my next posts..


  1. salary Xpert said...
    I graduated 13 years ago and nothing has changed (:

    the next day came and it was like the previous, so be prepared to the nothing ...
    Talking Idiot said...
    hahaha.. this is my second course salary expert. but i don't expect to do nothing. i'd be doing a lot of hard work after graduation. I'll be building my own career and get life busy for me.

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