Britney, Paris and Lindsay are undoubtedly the biggest news makers in the past months. Let's ditch into what these celebrities have in common. I know a little of their similarities.

Britney, Paris and Lindsay:

1. They are all celebrities.
2. They are all singers.
Oh yeah,
  • Britney- the "Oops I did it Again...." She always seems to do it now..
  • Paris- the "even though the stars are crazy... even though the stars are blind..." It must have hit her too..
  • Lindsay- the "I'm trying to be nice..I'm trying to be reasonable..But it's oh so hard when I don't wanna be"..That explains..
3. They have pets.
  • Britney- London among others
  • Paris- Tinkerbell
  • Lindsay- Chloe
4. They were caught Driving Drunk

5. They all had a taste of Prison

6. They have naked pictures all over the internet.

7. They are all involved in some sex scandals, (videos, pictures) allegations.

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