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"Serial Cheater", "Lying Cheating Dog", just two of the description given to Casey Aldridge for having allegedly cheated Jamie, Britney Spears younger sister. Reports say that Casey even dated another woman days before the Jamie Lyn told the world she’s expecting. According to Jamie's friend:

"Even though I’m sure she knows in her heart that Casey’s a lying, cheating dog, Jamie Lynn is head over heels in love with him. She continues to take him back regardless of how awful he treats her.”

The Next part was the admission by Casey that he cheated and the other girl got pregnant. So Jamie swore to have Casey out of her life. The other girl however, accordingly had a miscarriage and Jamie was seen with Casey again.

Casey Aldridge accordingly also dated another girl before the other first other girl got pregnant. The 2nd other girl was Whitney Seals.

According to Whitney's brother Kevin Seals

“Whitney and Casey have been dating for months,”
“I know Jamie Lynn was really upset and jealous when she found out about it.”

Poor Jamie Lynn Spears! What a love story for a 16 year old teenager, soon to be mom.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    I think press is giving too much attention to this Jamie Lynn thing.

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