Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears
The photos above are the most recent Britney Spears Scandal. I think this is her first scandal for the year 2008. Britney never runs out of ideas to get everybody's attention.
From her sister Jamie Lyn, I think people talk about the older sister now- Britney Spears!

Now, let's see what other scandals she has in mind for us.
The waiting probably won't take that long.
Patience is a virtue. Hahahahha!


  1. Vijay said...
    Woohoo!! Thats really hot babey!! I think its time for the Britney menace again..
    Talking Idiot said...
    you got it vijay.. britney's back again to make some buzz.
    Inspector Gadget said...
    I'm quite surprise to see her hot in here. lol

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