Celebrities are mostly rich people. Look at Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and Madonna. A little tv appearance, a little performance, a little dancing and singing and they earn thousands of US dollars. Even if I sing the whole day I won't even earn a fraction of what these celebrities are making. Easy Money befall on most celebrities in general. That's why it's hard to imagine that some celebrities can go bankrupt and file bankruptcy. I can't imagine Paris Hilton being named as a celebrity debtor or Michael Jackson for instance suffering financial fiasco.Paris Hilton

Some celebrities and famous personalities like Kim Basinger and MC Hammer as I read in some articles had been reported to have filed bankruptcy. I wonder what's the reason for this financial crisis- over spending perhaps! It's terrible when you have lots of debts and you don't have money in your pocket! Will these celebrities opt for Payday Loans. Ordinary people resort to getting Payday Loans for instant save on financial drowning. As Payday Loans Quotes company puts it "short term cash loans to get through life's little surprises". You can get up to slightly over a thousand dollars from payday loan applications and I doubt if celebrities will be happy with this amount. But ordinary us will find worth in such an amount especially when we so badly need it!


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