This blog is not banned by adsense. I just want to clear that out! In fact from this blog alone I used to generate over $20 a day from adsense! That's a lot of money! But why the absence of adsense ads? It was tough decision I had to make. I decided to remove all adsense ads because adsense have strict policies on sexy photos or sexy images. If you constantly browse through the pages of this blog you will notice that there are lots of sexy pictures of different celebrities, for after all this is a "sexy celebrity" blog. Naturally you'll see sexy pictures. (lol) So anyway, I don't want to lose my adsense account so I had to make a choice and that is to remove adsense ads on this site which means I lost a lot of money. It was easy to earn money with adsense if yo have a celebrity blog. Celebrities are famous people and each celebrity has his or her own fans that always watch out for the latest news, gossips, rumors, scandals, and of course sexy pictures.vanessa hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens

There are still other celebrity blogs which run adsense on their sites. As long as the blog owners think that their blogs do not violate Adsense Terms of Service then it's their choice. I know a lot of celebrity blog sites that were banned from displaying google ads. One is Pinoy Urge. The site recieves over a thousand visitors a day but the site was banned by google. The reason was not about the photos but something about the word "penis" being mentioned. I really feel sorry for the site. That was a huge loss!


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